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Frequently Asked Questions About Bidding For & Planning a Workshop

These FAQ are meant to be helpful but if you need some clarification or have additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact the Bid Liaison. Please also read the NAAAW Workshop Guidelines carefully, as they have a lot of information.

  1. How should a bid be submitted?
    Workshop hosting bids should be sent by email or postal mail to the Bid Liaison, who will then review them for clarification, if necessary, and completeness, then forward them to the NAAAW Board. The bid should be presented two years before the intended date of the workshop, in time to be considered at the February meeting of the NAAAW Board.

  2. In addition to a completed Bid Worksheet, what other information should we submit with our bid?
    You will need letters of support from your local Area and from your Central Office/Intergroup. You may also wish to include information on the hotel (if you have already selected one), your city and local attractions (available from the Visitors' Bureau), side excursions that may be offered, and local A.A. experience with hosting other conferences, conventions and similar events. You can check out some prior bid packages for more information.

  3. How much seed money is provided to the Host Committee by NAAAW?
    Currently, the seed money amount is $1500. This is expected to increase to $2000, as stated in the NAAAW By-Laws, when the NAAAW prudent reserve is reached.

  4. Who is financially responsible for bills incurred, including any penalties if hotel registrations do not meet the expected target?
    The Host Committee is responsible for all finances. The person who signs the hotel contract (generally the Host Committee Chair) is personally responsible for any hotel charges.

  5. Who decides which area wins the bidding process?
    The NAAAW Board makes this decision at their meeting in May.

  6. Can we reimburse presenters and/or speakers for their travel expenses?
    The NAAAW Workshop Guidelines allow for up to $1000 to be spent for this purpose.

  7. How much should we expect to budget for various expenses?
    You can check the previous Workshops' financial reports for some ideas of what has been spent in the past.

  8. What are the most significant criteria in bidding for a workshop?
    The Board considers first whether the proposed location will be in an area not previously served by a workshop - see the map of Past Workshop Locations. Transportation and room costs, proximity to sites of A.A. historical interest, the presence of an active A.A. Archives, and the preparation and energy of the bidding committee are also important.

  9. What topics are suggested or required for the workshop sessions?
    See the NAAAW Workshop Guidelines for a suggested schedule. Conservation/preservation techniques should always be covered in a hands-on session; other topics may include: classifying and indexing, digital archives, persons and locations of local A.A. history, the 12 Traditions and ethics for archivists, creating archives displays to carry the A.A. message, research methods and potential sources, recruiting and training archives volunteers and disaster recovery.

  10. How can we get help finding a suitable hotel?
    A.A. members in your area who have been involved in planning State Conventions, Area Assemblies or other similar events may be able to help. Your local Chamber of Commerce will have a Visitors' Center or Convention Bureau with information on local facilities.

  11. How much attendance should we plan for?
    See the spreadsheet of Registration Data from Past Workshops for previous attendance figures. Your attendance will be highly dependent on location, transportation costs and convenience, and on how much support for the Workshop is generated in your local area.

  12. Before we sign a hotel contract, how can we know what are reasonable hotel charges and requirements?
    See the collection of past hotel contracts for some ideas on what previous workshops have done.
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